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To fulfill its mission, OIE works to achieve three main objectives:

  • Advance international education by providing students with first-hand experiences in global affairs and cross-cultural activities
  • Support international scholarship, including the research, teaching, and service efforts of faculty and other professionals on campus
  • Provide educational programs on global issues

More specifically, OIE works closely with academic units across campus to:

  • Internationalize education programs, research, and training opportunities.
  • Promote collaborative agreements and exchange with foreign institutions.
  • Serve hundreds of international students and scholars from all continents.
  • Offer opportunities for students to increase their awareness and appreciation of other cultures through exchanges and educational forums that focus on international issues.
  • Engender a sense of community for all students through programming designed to promote a sense of global citizenship.
  • Promote participation in exchange programs for both faculty and students.
  • Provide opportunities for professional development through international teaching, seminars, tours, and research activities.

The quality of OIE programs is the product of an outstanding staff and the faculty and resources of a world-class university. Illinois State faculty members who participate in OIE programs have outstanding teaching credentials, and combine research-based knowledge with practical application and international experience.

For more information about the Office of International Engagement please call us at (309) 438-5276.