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Immunizations and Insurance

All students who enroll at Illinois State University are required by state law to verify their immunization history. You are strongly encouraged to submit your immunization history to Student Health Services by August 1st for the Fall Semester and January 1st for the Spring Semester.

Submit immunization records.

International students are strongly recommended to have a Tuberculosis Screening within 10 days of their arrival on campus. International Students are required to have completed a Tuberculosis Screening by the 10th day of class for the semester.

Immunization History

Health Services prefers that you submit the Immunization History Form. You can download and submit the form on the Student Health Services Immunization Requirements webpage.

Health Services will also accept Immunization Records from your home country physician, but the original signed document must be in English. They will not accept translated documents or documents in a language other than English.

TB Screening

For more information regarding the mandatory Tuberculosis Screening, please visit Student Health Services Immunization Requirements webpage. You can schedule your TB Screening by calling (309) 438-2778.

Health Insurance

All international students are expected to have health insurance coverage. The University Health Insurance plan provides excellent coverage at a very reasonable price. However, if you already have health insurance coverage from your home country provider, you may opt out of the University Insurance, but you must provide a copy of your policy in English to the Student Insurance Office.

Please see the Health Insurance section of our website for further details.

U.S. Health Care System

For a brief introduction to the U.S. health care system and how it works, watch the video below.