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SEVIS Registration

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) must report to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whether you are maintaining your student status by enrolling full-time at Illinois State. ISSS reports this information by "registering" your SEVIS record at the beginning of each semester for F-1 students and “validating” your program in SEVIS for J-1 students.

Since students often move between semesters, the beginning of each semester is also a good time for you to make sure you have updated your contact information. See the Reporting Changes page for full details.

  • If you are living off-campus, update your LOCAL address in your account to match your current U.S. address.
  • If you are living on-campus, your CAMPUS address should already match where you are currently living.
  • Update your PHONE in your account to match your current US phone number.

New students must meet additional requirements in order for their SEVIS record to be "registered" or “validated” for their first semester of enrollment. Please refer to the Orientation To-Do List for a complete list of requirements.

Full-time Enrollment

Before registering your SEVIS record, ISSS will confirm that you are enrolled full-time. See the Course Load Requirements page for full details.

  • Graduate students = 9 credits or at least 1 credit of an A90 course
  • Undergraduate students = 12 credits
  • Academic English students = 20 clock hours

Last Semester RCL

If this is your last semester and you will be enrolled less than full-time, you MUST submit a Reduced Course Load Request before ISSS can register your SEVIS record. Please see the Course Load Requirements page for full details and a link to the request form.